Where to eat in Colombo ?


There are some high end places for a buffet around Colombo. As an individual , Galadhari Coffee shop is one of the best places around Colombo where you can have five star lunch buffet for around 2000 LKR . The following is a list of places where we can eat a pleasant  high quality buffet as an individual or at a function.

  1. Cinnamon Grand
  2. Cinnamon Lake Side
  3. Galle Face Hotel
  4. Ozo Colombo
  5. Galadhari Hotel
  6. Waters Edge


Short Eats

With busy lifestyle, short eats are sometimes life saving.  Sometimes they may cause stomach issues if you couldn’t select the correct place. P and S is one of the country’s best brands for bakery items. In addition to that Keels and Cargills also have good quality bakery items inside their stores. GHS hotel Wellawatta is also a perfect place for these.

bakery items

Rice and Koththu

Since these 2 are the most popular local dishes in Colombo there are several restaurants offering these. I am going to recommend some of them.

1. GHS Hotel Colombo 6 – They have delicious  rice and curry with high quality. Their lump rise is even better , but not available all the time.  Price are relatively low.

2. Spice and Ice Colombo 6 – A nice place to have a complete lunch with a range of desserts too. Fried Rice , Koththu, Hoppers and other popular menus are available. Price are relatively low.

3. Bars Cafe – Even though they regularly change their appearance, they have a nice menu for a slightly higher price.

4. Curry Bowl – The leading brand in bakery items offer rice menus under this brand name. These are available in some of their P and S outlets , Curry Bowl restaurents Kotahena / Rajagiriya and deliver to events as well.

5. Majestic City Food Court – A collection of outlets where you can have delicious fried rice, biriyani, mongolian rice and thai rice.

6. Crescat Food Court – a similar setting as Majestic City food court with almost same menus.


Indian Food

I can recommend 2 brilliant place in Colombo where you can eat classic indian dishes such as Dhosai, Parata ,Samosa , Masala Parata, Poori, etc…

  1. Amritha ,Galle Road, Bambalapitiya – you may confuse it with another restaurant with a similar name
  2. Shanthi Vihar, Thummulla (now Sri Vihar).
  3. Shanmugas, Wellawatta

indian food

International Brands

In addition to above places , there are some international brands operating in Colombo where you can trust on quality of food and drop in without a doubt in mind.

  1. KFC – Famous for it’s chicken, biriyani and burgers
  2. Pizza Hut – International pizza brand
  3. Dominos – International pizza brand
  4. Burger King – Popular for it’s burgers
  5. Mc Donalds – International food brand serves rice , burgers and deserts
  6. Dinemore – Popular for it’s submarines and club snad which
  7. Subway – They are good with their submarines
  8. Bread Talk – Good with buns and cake