The Story of Snap Chat

snap chat

Early Days

Snap chat is an image messaging mobile application created by Evan Spiegal, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Browne. They came up with a product called Picaboo which was originally a selfie app for iOS with an interesting feature of self deleting images.

Picaboo was luanched in July , 2011 and 2 months later it was relaunched as Snap Chat. Snap Chat evolved as a mix of Private Messages and Public Contents. Even though it’s a mix of both, the private messaging aspect is more popular among user.

Rise of Snap Chat

All Snap Chat Co Founders are Stanford students and Spiegal presented this as his final project as a dissapearing message app. The app became very popular with over 1 Billion downloads and Speigal became the world’s youngest billionaire. Snap Chat’s messaging interfaces and features were quite attractive and facebook copied those step by step in messenger app.