Upali Wijewardena

Upali Wijewardena
Early Life
Upali Wijewardena was a popular Sri Lankan businessman who inspired the entire world with his innovative skills. He was born to a wealthy family in Kelaniya in 1938. He attended to Royal College Colombo and Graduated from Cambridge University.
He joined Leaver brother’s which is a popular multi-national company. After few months he left there and started his own venture and founded Upali Group of Companies. This top entrepreneur expanded his emperor across several markets.
Entered the printing business with a comic magazine called Chithra Mithra and sooner expanded it to a full scale newspaper company. Upali newspapers is the leading news paper company in Sri Lanka even now.
He also owned some of the top brands in country including Kandos and Delta. Upali Mazda marked his entry to motor vehicle industry even before Japanese take over the market.
On 13th February 1983, his private Jet and whole cabin crew disappeared few hours after they took off from Kualalampur. No sign of a crash or any other evidence not found yet.