Travel from Colombo to Katharagama – part 2

galle fort

This is the second part of the list of attractions located in between Colombo and Katharagama.

15. Galle Fort – A historical fort which turned around the history of Sri Lanka. Portuguese built this fort and Dutch developed it.

16. Yala National Park – The island’s prime national park where you can watch a large range of wild animals . Ideal place for a safari.

17.  Thissamaaramaya – An ancient temple which was built around 2200 years ago.

18. Harbour and Airport – Hambanthota harbour and Mattala international airport are 2 latest additions to the list. The high quality large roads with a limited number of vehicles is quite notable.

19. Katharagama – One of the Sri Lanka’s most worshiped place which is known as the land of god skanda kumar or god of katharagama and some other gods are also worshiped there.  The more acceptable statement is that popular regional kings were later given the status of gods by public. There were some evidence found which suggest that Katharagama was once a powerful kingdom.

20. Sella Katharagama and River of Gems – Manik ganga was one of the best places to have a bath sometime back. Now it’s not popular as before because of polluted  water and giant crocodiles. Sella Katharagama is a market place where you can find beautiful southern hand crafts and sweets. Never forget to taste “Kalu Dodol”.