Travel from Colombo to Katharagama – part 1

e1 express way

Travelling from Colombo to Katharagama in coastal line of Sri Lanka is a mandatory experience if you visit Sri Lanka. You have several options to travel in this root. You can use the train or travel along the A1 road.  Using expressway to Mathara is the easiest way, but you will miss some nice places on the way. So you can customize your travel mode based on your itinerary.

Here is a brief list of places you can visit on your route.

  1. Mount Lavinia Beach – A popular beach among tourist, but it’s no where near the high quality beaches in down south.
  2. Mount Lavinia Hotel – One of the oldest hotels in the country built in british architecture.
  3. Bolgoda Lake – A breathtaking reservoir where you can go on a boat ride. Hotels around moratuwa and panadura provide these services.
  4. Navro Beach Panadura – A much better site in the evening
  5. Kaluthara Bodhiya – One of the sacred Buddhist temples which gets the highest level of attention of devotees. A nice calm place near by the largest river (in terms of water capacity) in sri lanka – kalu ganga.
  6. Richmond Castle – A classic mansion built few kilometers ahead of Kaluthara Bodhiya. This place was owned by a rich Ceylonese gentlemen and he wrote all his properties for charity after his death.
  7. Kande Viharaya – Another famous buddhist temple with surprising large collection of statues.
  8.  Beruwala – Fishery harbor is a must watch place.
  9. Hikkaduwa – The best place in Sri Lanka for Koral Reefs and related biological systems.
  10. Tsunami monument in Paraliya – This monument was establish to remember the 2004 tsunami which took 40000 lives. At this place , tsunami waves hit the train and took almost 2000 lives away.
  11. Koggala town and Martin Wickramasinghe Museum – Probably the only place in world where runaway, railway track and road meet at the same point. Anyway this runaway is not an active one and it was built by british during 2nd world war. The famous author Martin Wickramasinghe was born in Koggala and most of his famous novels are based on Koggala.
  12. Unawatuna Beach – One of the best , clean beaches in world with surprisingly clean , cold water in the sea.
  13. Polhena Beach – Another beautiful beach in Mathara which is ideal to have a bath.
  14. Roomassala – This is jungle beach where the beach is adjacent to a jungle. Also this jungle has some precious herbs. It is said that some one has planted herbs which were bought from Himalayas here.

Let’s have a look at the remaining places from Mathara to Katharagama in next article.

unawatuna beach