Dhammika Perera

Dhammika Perera
Mr. Dhammika Perera is rated as the richest person in Sri Lanka.He owns 23 listed companies which is of all companies traded on Colombo stock exchange. He didn’t achieve this success just with luck but also with master plans.
His empire has reaches Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, UK and several other countries where 62000 employees work for him.With Sri Lanka’s rapid economic growth after defeating Tamil Tigers, his stocks has valued 190 million US Dollars. He says that his companies pay 5% of all corporate taxes paid in Sri Lanka.



Mr. Perera who belonged to a higher middle class family , Started his entrepreneurship careers with street business in front of his uncle’s cafe when he had selected to NDT program conducted by Moratuwa University which was rated as top . Due to the JVP led terrorist activities, university programs were  severely affected. They were closed for most of the year. Mr. Perera dropped out from the university. In 1993 he came into gambling business where he made most of his money out of.
He became the chairman of Sampath Bank PLC which is one of the prime local banks and also became the sole owner of tile industry where he owns majority of shares of all 4 tile companies.