Best places to Visit in Colombo City


Colombo city is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka which has a significantly high floating population. Even though it’s highly populated and highly commercialized, there are beautiful places to watch probably more than any other place in the country

Galle Face Green

galleface green

The Galle Face is a beach faced urban park which will be ideal to spend a relaxing evening. The location is currently operated by urban development authority of Sri Lanka. Street Food is one of the best things here and the giant buildings around with their lights make a beautiful scene in the night.


gangarama temple

Gangaramaya is a buddhist temple in Colombo city which is popular for it’s scenic beauty . The temple which is surrounded by Beira Lake is one of the country’s most popular location for wedding photographs. The temple looks brilliant in the night, specially in Vesak season.

Diyatha Uyana

diyatha uyana

Diyatha Uyana is a beautiful leisure park situated by the Diyawanna Lake. This place is popular for it’s walking park facing lake ,  unique stalls and 3D drawings on the street.

Arcade Independence Square 


This place was a government’s administrative building , sometime back and recently it was renovated as a high end shopping complex . After the renovation, this became a tourist attraction and another place in country which popular as a location for wedding photography.

National Museum

This is the largest museum in Sri Lanka which is maintained by central government. The museum has a countless number of archaeological treasures.

 Ananda College

ananda college

One of the top schools in the country where more than 10000 students study. The place has it’s own calmness and scenic beauty. Also it is well known for it’s unique architecture of buildings. Obviously you won’t be able to visit the school to just watch it unless if there is a public event such as exhibition, ceremony going on.

Royal College

royal college

Another leading school in the country with a large number of students. This place also has an architectural beauty which is inspired by colonials.

Majestic City

majestic city

This is probably the most popular shopping complex in the country since a long time. Place is ideal for fashion and clothing and it also have electronic items and a food court too. Majestic city is located in Colombo 4, next to the unity plaza which is another popular shopping complex in the country to buy computer related items.