Android Co Founder Andy Rubin

andy rubin
Andy Rubin became popular in the world of entrepreneurs as he co founded android. Andy Rubin was born in New York , 1962. He worked in robotics and manufacturing engineering jobs for some tech giants including Apple inc.
Andy Rubin and Android OS
He formed android incorporation alone with Rich Miner and Nick Sears in 2003 to develop a mobile operating system which touches the user desires. But this company was a failure. History changed with Google’s decision to acquire it. Andy Rubin was appointed as the head of project Android in Google too. They  developed the O/S with some modifications and launched Android 1.0 in 2007.
Where is Andy Rubin now?
Since then Android rapidly expanded and became the most popular mobile O/S in the world. Andy rubin later shifted to Google’s robotics and innovation section and in 2014 he stepped down from his position at Google to form a hardware incubator.