How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos became the richest person of the world

Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos surpassed Bill Gates became the richest person on earth with around 90 Billion USD net worth. The recent high demand of amzon’s stock prices and slight downfall of microsft’s stock prices opened up the path to change “The World’s Richest Man” title which Bill Gates held for 2 decades.

In other news Amazon’s Everything Store has sold more than 136 Billion USD worth goods in last year and it’s market capital has gone towards 500 Billion USD. This article is about how Jeff started and became a successful entrepreneur.

Early Life

Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen (Jeff Boze) was born in New Mexico in 1964. As a child , he was a fan of mechanics. His parents ,  Jacklyn and Ted Jorgensen were land owners. Jeff also had a considerable amount of lands through inheritance. Jeff’s mother was only 17 years when he was born and her marriage with Ted lasted only around 1 year. After mother’s second marriage they moved to Houstan where Jeff attended to River Oaks Elementary School. Later they moved to Miami where Jeff attended Miami Palmetto High School.

Jeff was talented student and he graduated with Bachelor of Science Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. After graduation, from 1986 he worked in wall street in Computer Science field. Then he worked for few internet based businesses.

Jeff Bezos founded in 1994 and same as many tech giants in today’s world he started it in his garage. He left his well paid job at New York City hedge fund and worked on rapidly growing internet sales sector with amazon which has become the largest internet sales company now.

Blue Origin

Jeff founded the space company Blue Origin in 2000 to facilitate paid customers to travel in space. It’s intention was have millions of people and small cities orbiting around the earth. Initially the company was a secret , but he publicly announced it in 2006. He reportedly had some agreements with Richard Branson the multimillionaire founder of Virgin Atlanta Group about space travelling.

Washington Post

Jeff Bezos bought Washington post for 250 Million USD cash in 2013. Since then he revolutionized Washington post with several things including online payment wall for subscribers and many more.

Google Shares

Another surprising fact is that Jeff Bezos is one of the first share holders of Google. He invested 250000 USD in Google way back in 1998 and his shares in Google now worth beyond 3 Billion USD.

With all these facts given, there is no surprise how did he become the richest man on earth, but the only surprise is why did it take that long.